As the founding member, guitarist and vocalist for the creators and undisputed kings of the psychobilly genre, The Meteors, P.Paul Fenech has played literally thousands of sold out concerts on all continents.

He’s also had a very prolific and successful solo career with no less than 10 critically acclaimed solo albums, not including the latest “The F-Files”, which is out now on Mutant Rock. It has been heralded as his best work by far, by all who have reviewed it. His solo output goes far beyond the boundaries of his beloved psychobilly and encompasses many facets of rock n roll and has earned him a dedicated following both inside and outside of the psychobilly scene.
P. Paul Fenech solo discography:
The Rocking Dead
Daddy’s Hammer
The Disease
Screaming in the 10th Key
The F Word
International Super Bastard
I, Monster
The Worst of PPF666
The F-Files